Grant for the transformation of the transport fleet – Scrappage

Through this procedure you can qualify for aid aimed at encouraging the definitive withdrawal from road traffic of older, and therefore more polluting, heavy passenger and freight vehicles.

This contributes to the reduction of polluting and greenhouse gas emissions, in addition to noise and other adverse effects of transportation, fulfilling one of the objectives of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan.


Grant from 05/05/2022 to 04/30/2024


Addressed to:
Private companies, natural or legal persons, transporting passengers or goods that provide road transport services, as well as companies that carry out complementary private transport

Natural or legal persons holding MDPE, VDE, MPCE, VPCE, MDLE transport authorizations. And also, natural or legal persons that provide public urban transportation services.

Companies with tax headquarters in Aragon.

Vehicle Registration Certificate
Proof of vehicle registration, including dates of registration and issuance, or a vehicle history report from the Traffic Directorate.

Technical Data Sheet
Copy of the vehicle’s ITV card showing Euro regulations compliance, or a supporting document if not specified.

Vehicle Tax Receipt
Proof of payment for the last mechanical traction vehicle tax.

Proof of Public Transport Service
Certification from the local authority confirming at least two years of public urban transport service.

Entrepreneur Census
Proof of registration in the Entrepreneurs, Professionals, and Withholders census or a certificate from the Tax Agency.

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