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The digitization of Cultural Heritage advances with the ARCH for Citizenship project.

Last June 27th and 28th the 4th ARCH project meeting was held at GEINNOVA offices (Zaragoza, Spain). Representatives from Spain, Cyprus, Greece and Italy participated in this event to discuss the progress and next steps of our project, which aims to bring cultural heritage into the digital age.

With this project, we have created an augmented reality (AR) application that provides interactive content related to historical monuments and sites. This app will be ready for use by mid-July and will offer users a unique and fun way to learn about cultural heritage.

We are also working on an educational game aimed at primary school students, which focuses on the monuments and heritage sites of the participating countries.Using storytelling and gamification techniques, the game seeks to make learning about cultural heritage fun and engaging for students. The game is progressing well, and our partners are dedicated to finalizing it over the summer, with the goal of having it ready for students in September.

Another initiative is a digital guide on cultural heritage, available in several languages. This guide will be a useful educational resource for teachers and students, offering information and topics related to cultural heritage. The guide will be available on our website and digital platform by the end of October 2024.

We would like to thank all the partners for their hard work and dedication. Together, we are making great strides in preserving and promoting cultural heritage through innovative digital solutions, and promoting a new way of learning history in school. 

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue this exciting journey!

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New opportunity to boost your career in the business world!

We are excited to announce that thanks to the collaboration of www.fundacion2100.es and Instituto Aragonés de Empleo (INAEM), we are launching a series of free training courses that you won’t want to miss!
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New courses for priority employed workers:

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Future scientists in action: Santa Ana School in Calatayud organises practical science activity for students with the ERASMUS + CCDE Project

The students of Santa Ana school in Calatayud have enjoyed today an exciting scientific experience in which they have learned about chemical reactions in a fun and interactive way.

This has been made possible through the Comarca de Calatayud with the collaboration of the GEInnova team that develops the European project “Circular chemistry in the digital era” to improve science learning in the classroom in a practical and fun way.

The activity consisted of filling some bottles with lemon juice and others with vinegar and then placing a balloon in the mouth of the bottle, which contained sodium bicarbonate. By mixing the two ingredients, a chemical reaction took place, generating carbon dioxide, a gas that inflated the balloon without the need to blow it up.
The students were able to watch in amazement as the balloon inflated by itself, while learning about the basic principles of chemistry and physics. The activity allowed them to understand concepts such as chemical decomposition, gas formation and pressure.

Santa Ana School in Calatayud is committed to an innovative and experiential education that motivates students to learn and discover the world around them. Through these types of activities, the school seeks to encourage scientific curiosity, critical thinking and creativity in its students.

For more information about the project visit the Instagram page!

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GEInnova organises interactive activities for grandparents in Illueca and Abizanda

GeInnova and its partners in Greece, Italy and Romania have launched the project “GREAT”: project: Grandparenting as Resource to Enhance the Educational Adult Community, to improve and value grandparents’ skills and at the same time strengthen their family relationships.

The goals of this project are clear: to promote and enrich grandparents’ skills, stimulate their creativity, and provide them with tools to enhance their interpersonal relationships, both in person and remotely, especially with their grandchildren.

To achieve these goals, GEInnova has developed an ergonomic and pedagogical online training platform, offering grandparents the opportunity to train autonomously. This platform offers several modules covering various themes based on non-formal learning, including examples of activities, games, videos, and songs.

In addition to online training, the GEInnova team organized interactive activities in Illueca.
Among these, a “cooking workshop” was particularly appreciated, fostering the exchange of culinary knowledge among participants of different generations. This activity allowed the sharing of family recipes and memories related to cooking, thereby strengthening family ties.
Furthermore, an “Expressive Arts Festival”, held in Illueca and Abizanda, encouraged creative expression through activities such as watercolor painting and the creation of mood boards. These initiatives promoted personal expression and the exploration of individual creativity. Moreover, participants had the opportunity to take part in an activity in Abizanda on preventing emergency situations. This enabled them to improve their first-aid skills and anticipate their actions when interacting with their grandchildren to enjoy their time in a safe environment.

The various initiatives implemented by the “GREAT” project aim to facilitate intergenerational collaboration, stimulate creativity, and offer simple and playful activities suitable for everyone, thus promoting strengthened and enriching family relationships.

Para más información sobre el proyecto “GREAT” y sus resultados, no dude en consultar su página web.

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Descriptive Mapping of AE in Environmental Awareness and Sustainable Development

We introduce the Descriptive Mapping of Adult Education in Environmental Awareness and Sustainable Development.

This report was developed within the project WE: Real-World Education to foster environmental awareness.

You can read it by downloading it here
EN_WEMappingReport.pdf (66 downloads)

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Project ARCH: unifying Past, Present and Future

We are thrilled to introduce our innovative project “ARCH: Bringing Cultural Heritage to the digital Era; Unifying Past, Present and Future”, which aims to engage and educate Primary Education students aged 9 to 12 through an exciting combination of a mobile application and a cultural heritage game.

At our first transnational meeting in Patras (Greece), our consortium made significant progress in developing the project’s first and second outcomes: an interactive application and an engaging game centred on cultural heritage. These educational tools are being carefully designed to ignite children’s curiosity, foster appreciation for cultural heritage, and provide a fun learning experience.

Our cutting-edge application serves as a gateway to an immersive world of cultural heritage. Through captivating visuals, informative content, and interactive activities, children will embark on a journey of discovery. They will have the opportunity to explore various cultural sites and engage with the rich tapestry of human heritage. Our application is not just educational; it also ensures an entertaining experience that keeps children captivated and eager to learn more.

In addition to the application, we are working on our cultural heritage game. This dynamic and interactive game invites children to answer questions related to cultural heritage in a fun way. By navigating different locations and historical periods and deepen their understanding of the fascinating world of cultural heritage. Our game tries to merge entertainment with education, making learning an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

In this project our mission is to inspire children to explore and appreciate cultural heritage, and we firmly believe that ARCH will achieve this goal. By combining the power of technology, interactive experiences, and educational content, we aim to ignite a lifelong passion for cultural heritage in young minds. 


Estudiar química circular con el proyecto CCDE

¡Estudiar química circular de manera divertida es posible!

Por ello, nos encontramos inmersos en el proyecto CCDE con el que desarrollamos juegos interactivos a través de herramientas digitales.
El pasado 6 de Junio se reunió el equipo formado por socios de Macedonia, Italia y España, del cual nuestra organización es representante.

Además de los juegos interactivos e innovadores para divertir a los jóvenes, también hablamos acerca de la seguridad en el laboratorio.
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