To promote the study of the impact of Circular Chemistry on secondary school. Teachers and students


In recent years, environmental issues and climate change have become important topics of discussion around the world. With the implementation of the project, we aim to increase the interest of secondary school students in studying the topic of circular chemistry through the use of digital tools and to have new educational methods for teachers that are adaptable to the digital age.

This ensures that teachers and pupils, both now and in the future, can together play a decisive role in building a new future: education plays an important role in developing experts and a new generation of active citizens educated in life cycle thinking and cooperation.

Specific objectives

  • Increase the interest of high school students to study the topic of circular chemistry through the use of digital
    tools, innovative games and at the same time to motivate them to prepare experiments at home.
  • Promote circular economy principles and ESD core competencies within chemistry education through the
    developing digital learning environment.
  • Support the initial and continuous professional development of teachers’ profiles in accordance with the
    European lifelong learning approach through the application of practical and innovative tools in order to promote circular
    chemistry in secondary schools.


Spain, Italy and The Republic of North Macedonia

Acrónimo: CCDE

Start Date:01/11/2022

End Date : 31/10/2024

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