GEINNOVA specialization

GEINNOVA is different from other trainings because of our content creators, the development of SCORM packages and the design and management of web development. Our content creators are specific professionals in each area for the development of interactive training. With our SCORM Package Development we obtain the ability to structure courses with ease, design for all devices, be attractive and collaborate effortlessly. Finally, at Geinnova we have people dedicated to continuously improve the website experience.

Content Creators

SCORM Package Development

Platform Development

Geinnova E-Learning

Both the platform and the contents are designed to optimize the students’ experience and a dynamic tutoring by the teachers. Our courses are created with a platform that allows you to have a broad view of the course, with active monitoring and interactive content. Upon entering, the student will see the presentation image and will have an overview of the courses in which they are enrolled.

At GEINNOVA we can offer a wide variety of training courses. As professionals in online training, we work so that our students acquire knowledge and skills with relevant, interactive and quality content.

Learning by doing

We place value on practical learning. The training platform offers tailored knowledge and skills for different audiences. Learners are encouraged to apply the knowledge with real cases. In addition, the platform gives the option to communicate with teachers and coordinators.