On-line Training

Good practices in the design of European projects

Duration: 55 hours


Explicar y exponer con ejemplos prácticos para facilitar a los técnicos municipales una visión global del concepto de proyecto europeo con ejemplos reales.

Así como, facilitar, de forma clara y didáctica, los pasos a seguir y las claves prácticas para diseñar y terminar presentando, de forma exitosa, un proyecto europeo ante el organismo responsable.


  • Porqué elaborar un proyecto europeo. Conceptos básicos.
  • Principales programas de la UE para las administraciones locales. Fases de elaboración de una propuesta.
  • Claves y ejemplos de una propuesta.
Face-to-face training

Leadership through Innovation and Creativity


It is increasingly necessary to develop the innovation and collective intelligence of the company in this new era. For this reason, this course seeks to make the participants capable of generating and leading the transformation of their company.

At the beginning, all the variables of the current environment that affect your company will be worked on, and for them exercises will be included that promote the knowledge of the strengths of character and talents of the participants and their teams.

Tools will be used to help clarify the impact and contributions they want to develop, clarifying the purpose of the team and developing the skills necessary to accompany team members, generating involvement and commitment.

Duration: 4 hours


  • Generate and lead the transformation of the company.
  • Define your agile leadership model.
  • Develop agility skills for the manager and his team.
  • Accompany your team in agile management.


  • Lead the Change. New work paradigm.
  • The figure of the in-entrepreneur.
  • Leadership, Talent and innovation.
  • The strategic process of innovation
  • Innovation, people and society knowledge.
  • Practical keys to increase innovation.
  • Innovation in markets. Innovation opportunities derived from globalization.
  • Innovation in products and services