Actions to promote sustainable agriculture and entrepreneurship among young people through the support of funds from the European Erasmus+ program.

GEINNOVA starts a new journey with the project SMART+CULTURE – Promoting smart and sustainable agriculture and entrepreneurship among young people. The Municipality of Velilla de Cinca is the organization that presented this project and will coordinate its implementation in the coming year.

The objectives of the project are:

  1. Promoting agriculture and innovative solutions and opportunities which are strategic for the sustainable growth of our planet, with special attention to rural development and sustainable agriculture;;
  2. Fostering a sense of initiative and entrepreneurship among young people by making the agricultural sector a real and attractive job opportunity, promoting the acquisition of relevant entrepreneurial skills and competencies;
  3. Gaining better knowledge about the situation of young people and youth policies and fundings in Europe to start new businesses, with a focus on CAP (Common Agricultural Policy) funding;
  4. Seeking information and data on the current youth employment situation with a focus on the agricultural sector in Europe, and how climate change has affected this industry;
  5. Processing the data collected in order to provide examples of good practices to encourage entrepreneurship, especially for those aspiring to start new and innovative agricultural businesses in rural areas;
  6. Providing young Europeans with knowledge on smart agriculture and funding opportunities to establish and strengthen cooperation between young people and organizations at local and European level.

To reach the proposed objectives a network of organizations coming from Spain (Ayuntamiento Vlilla de Cinca, GEINNOVA), Cyprus(Dione Youth Organization) and Romania (GAL Napoca Porolissum) will work together to achieve the following project results:

  1. Search for information and data on the current situation of youth employment, focusing on the sector in Europe.
  2. Creation of a community to share knowledge and experience through the elaboration of a Guide of Good Practices and online dissemination for the exchange and collection of information.
  3. Organization of three Webinars for the promotion of: the new frontiers of agriculture; entrepreneurial skills and business models for agricultural activities; EU funding opportunity.


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