Musiclink Project

We are happy to announce our newest project collaboration Music Link. The Music Link project will be led by FUNDACION GARCIA ESTEBAN. The project will support teachers, trainers and tutors (TTTs) to meet the challenges of language and culture difference in the classroom brought about by the sudden and dramatic influx of Ukrainian refugees and other immigrants lacking local language and cultural knowledge.

The project has been commenced on the starting date of 01/09/2023 and will be ongoing for 18 months until 28/02/2025. The project lump sum is € 60 000,00.

Music Link will develop supports to equip the TTTs with innovative, bespoke music-based teaching methods and resources that can also be distributed beyond the primary TTT learner group.

The general objectives of the project are:
-to develop and deliver training in innovative music-based teaching methods to a target group of  TTTs to aid them in promoting intercultural dialogue, facilitating understanding and inclusion
-to make the Music Link outputs further available to learners via an online platform
-to create a resource to both facilitate the sharing of outputs and inform a potential future upscaled project.
-ensure effective distribution and evaluation of project outputs to maximise impact and sustainability.
-facilitate networking and capacity building for partners

Expected results
While the expected results are to develop and pilot methods with a focus group, then deliver to 30 TTTs. Launch an online platform with 100 TTTs or related organizations. Hold a final live-streamed event reaching 50 educators, publish 2 articles. Create a downloadable toolkit including a digital workbook, project summary, and a 10-minute video documentary showcasing project implementation. Implement a dissemination plan targeting 300 stakeholders, conduct ongoing evaluation, achieve a 70% satisfaction rate from TTTs. Strengthen partner organizations, promote intercultural dialogue, address challenges posed by the war in Ukraine, and ensure sustainability of project outputs through an online platform.

The management of the Musiclink project led by FUNDACION GARCIA ESTEBAN is in collaboration with EurAV European Audio Visual Company Limited by Guarantee based in Morington, Ireland; and in Gestión Estratégica e Innovación SL based in Zaragoza, Spain.