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Creative Europe to support 40 projects in 2024 to boost literary translations

Open call in 2024 to promote literary translations

Apply before 16 April 2024 to get funding for the translation, promotion, and circulation of European literary works of fiction. With this call, worth €5 million, Creative Europe finances 40 projects.

Budget: 5 000 000 EUR

Programme: Creative Europe Programme (CREA)

Type of action: CREA-LS CREA Lump Sum Grants

Creative Europe’s 2024 call supports the translation, promotion, and circulation of European literary works of fiction (novels, poetry, comics etc.) with a total budget of €5 million.

40 projects will receive funding and the call is open for individual organisations or consortia.

The deadline for application is 16 April 2024 at 17:00 GMT+1


Call specific priorities:

  • – Enhance European literary diversity and circulation.
  • – Promote translation, publication, and marketing of works in less-spoken languages.
  • – Expand readership, especially among youth, fostering appreciation for European literature.
  • – Boost book sector competitiveness through collaboration across the value chain.
  • – Advocate for visibility, fair conditions, and proper remuneration for literary translators, ensuring their acknowledgment in published works.

All the projects financed under this action must regard inclusion, diversity, gender equality and the environmental transition in their design and implementation.


  • – Works of fiction in languages from countries taking part in the Creative Europe programme are eligible. Latin and ancient Greek as well as certain regional and minority languages are also eligible.
  • – Organisations active in the publishing and book sector are eligible to apply. Individuals cannot apply on their own.

Expected results

The initiative will support approximately 40 projects led by either a single entity or a group of organizations. Each project, based on a editorial and promotional strategy, should include at least 5 eligible translated fiction works. Criteria include fostering literature diversity, ensuring broad access, expanding readership, promoting collaboration across the literary ecosystem, enhancing translator visibility and fair compensation, and aligning with Creative Europe and Culture Strand 2024 priorities.

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SHE@CYBER aims to enhance cybersecurity in Europe by developing practical tools for SMEs and microenterprises. Additionally, it seeks to promote “gender parity” in cybersecurity, enabling women and disadvantaged groups to transition into new roles.

This will be achieved through:

– The curriculum and roadmap,

– Innovative training and learning materials,

– Train-the-trainer pilots, and

– The digital learning platform that will integrate all outcomes.

Implementation: What activities will you carry out?

SHE@CYBER will initially develop a roadmap for a diverse cybersecurity workforce, followed by Interactive Learning Resources, Cybersecurity Training, the toolkit, and a train-the-trainer workshop.

By completing all deliverables, the consortium will achieve the flagship result of bridging the diversity gap and producing skilled cybersecurity professionals for a safer digital Europe.

The main project outcomes are:

  1. Foster the exchange of cutting-edge cybersecurity knowledge among training providers, certification bodies, and enterprises,
  2. Alleviate the cybersecurity skills shortage,
  3. Lay the groundwork for an alliance between industry and educational stakeholders to jointly develop training solutions and bolster security in the European Digital Economy,
  4. Provide solutions to safeguard the European economy and society by addressing the gender gap in cybersecurity.


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GEINNOVA offers training to Zaragoza City Hall public workers in 2023

At GEINNOVA, we are proud to share the online training courses that we have had the privilege of delivering under tender by Zaragoza City Hall throughout the year 2023.

Our training offer was characterised by five different courses:
– Learning to manage stress (20 hours).
– How to manage present conflicts and avoid future ones (30 hours)
– Techniques for successful negotiation (20 hours)
– Games for innovation (30 hours)
– Good practices in the design of European projects (40 hours)

The main objective of the online courses was to empower participants with practical skills and expertise that would enable them to improve their professional and personal performance and contribute to the success of their work activities and projects.
These courses represent our ongoing commitment to the professional development and personal growth of our participants. In fact, one of our aims is to ensure continuous training through our e-learning platform aimed at improving users’ professional skills and competencies. In particular, our methodology blends the best solutions of Rise Articulate to create visual and interactive content and the Moodle platform, a world leader in its field.
We will continue to offer training services in 2024 to meet the learning needs of our community.

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HEIDI Project

GEINNOVA is thrilled to announce the launch of Project HEIDI, a groundbreaking initiative aimed at addressing the challenges faced by adult immigrants in the labor market. The mission is clear: empower immigrants to navigate new environments and enhance employment prospects.

The challenge at hand is significant. Immigrants often encounter cultural and procedural obstacles, compounded by lost qualifications due to conflict-driven migration. The increasing immigrant population poses new challenges for educators and employers alike.

Our primary goal is to prepare and integrate immigrants into the labor market by evaluating their skills and providing support in line with EU employment guidelines.

To achieve this mission, Project HEIDI proposes a comprehensive set of solutions:

  1. Standardized Self-Assessment: A sophisticated tool for self-assessment, screening, and mapping of skills.
  2. Online Skills Certification Platform: A digital platform for the certification of skills, eliminating the need for traditional paperwork.
  3. Tailored Support: Customized support services designed for both immigrants and employers.
  4. Community Building: The establishment of a community comprising engaged stakeholders, including adult immigrants, education centers, career guidance providers, employers, governmental agencies, and immigrant associations.

The target audience for Project HEIDI includes adult immigrants, education centers, career guidance providers, employers, governmental agencies, and immigrant associations.

We invite you to join us on this transformative journey. Project HEIDI is just beginning, and your support is crucial. Stay tuned for updates, success stories, and opportunities to contribute to making a positive impact.

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Descriptive Mapping of AE in Environmental Awareness and Sustainable Development

We introduce the Descriptive Mapping of Adult Education in Environmental Awareness and Sustainable Development.

This report was developed within the project WE: Real-World Education to foster environmental awareness.

You can read it by downloading it here
EN_WEMappingReport.pdf (16 downloads)

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Project ARCH: unifying Past, Present and Future

We are thrilled to introduce our innovative project “ARCH: Bringing Cultural Heritage to the digital Era; Unifying Past, Present and Future”, which aims to engage and educate Primary Education students aged 9 to 12 through an exciting combination of a mobile application and a cultural heritage game.

At our first transnational meeting in Patras (Greece), our consortium made significant progress in developing the project’s first and second outcomes: an interactive application and an engaging game centred on cultural heritage. These educational tools are being carefully designed to ignite children’s curiosity, foster appreciation for cultural heritage, and provide a fun learning experience.

Our cutting-edge application serves as a gateway to an immersive world of cultural heritage. Through captivating visuals, informative content, and interactive activities, children will embark on a journey of discovery. They will have the opportunity to explore various cultural sites and engage with the rich tapestry of human heritage. Our application is not just educational; it also ensures an entertaining experience that keeps children captivated and eager to learn more.

In addition to the application, we are working on our cultural heritage game. This dynamic and interactive game invites children to answer questions related to cultural heritage in a fun way. By navigating different locations and historical periods and deepen their understanding of the fascinating world of cultural heritage. Our game tries to merge entertainment with education, making learning an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

In this project our mission is to inspire children to explore and appreciate cultural heritage, and we firmly believe that ARCH will achieve this goal. By combining the power of technology, interactive experiences, and educational content, we aim to ignite a lifelong passion for cultural heritage in young minds. 




Educating the adults of the future

The project arises from the need, in many places, for a motivating school environment. In addition to this, if the vast majority of students come from disadvantaged groups, the result is that they lose interest in continuing their schooling and do not achieve higher level education. Besides the fact that they often do not have the means or the opportunities to do so.

The main motivation is to prepare the participants for adulthood, to make them think about the world and the conditions in which they will live and to help with the problems of Europe and the whole world and to try to achieve a more sustainable future for all.

To do so, the project enables all participants to explore, understand, describe and compare lifestyles across Europe, raise awareness, common concerns…, and thus help where it is most needed.


The overall objective of the project is to mitigate academic underachievement and student dropout among disadvantaged people. Collaterally aiming to:

Educating in the spirit of respect, human rights, fundamental freedoms, dignity, tolerance and free exchange of ideas.

Cultivate sensitivity to human issues, civic moral values, nature and the environment.

To broaden knowledge of European countries, their development, problems, culture and history.

The project involves two groups of participants: students and teachers. The main aim is to provide students with the necessary skills to be better adults in tomorrow’s society with the help of teachers. The project foresees the implementation of 5 presential activities in which they will take part and in which soft skills training will be carried out.


The objectives of Be Volunteer For Hope will be achieved through:

Innovative extracurricular activities involving students, their families, authorities, the community….;

Collaborations between national and international schools;

Participating in international trips;

Attending workshops;

Develop critical thinking skills;

Collaborating in multicultural teams;

Use of new technologies;

Feedback of knowledge by learning from each other: student-teacher-experts.


Turkey, Romania, Spain, Portugal, Latvia and Italy.

Start date: 01-01-2022

End date: 01-01-2024



Cohesion Policy is one of the most impactful EU common policies, being the main investment policy of the European Union.

In other words, hundreds of thousands of SMEs have been supported by the Cohesion Policy, hundreds of thousands of jobs were also created thanks to the EU’s Regional Policy, millions of citizens across the EU have gained access to improved drinking water, have benefited from improved health services and received employment support and social inclusion.

The project seeks to inform about the Cohesion Policy, the results of its investments as well as its impact on people’s lives mostly in the participating countries but also across the EU.


To make Cohesion Policy known to the public.

Specific objectives

Inform people about the fact that the Cohesion Policy is an investment tool from which are benefitting all EU countries and regions alike.

Disseminate detailed information about specific projects funded through Cohesion Policy and covering all Regional Policy’s priorities as well as to make ordinary people share the impact that the aforementioned projects had on their lives.

Engage with people and stakeholders in order to inspire a discussion on Cohesion Policy, its results, its support in Member States to meet EU’s political priorities as well as its future.

Make the local people participate in a project related to one of the most important EU common policies, and as a result, to make them participate in the EU affairs.


Cyprus, Spain and Greece.

Cohesion Island

Our free of charge online game is available for all EU citizens to play!
Play now to familiarise yourself with how Cohesion Policy works to support all member states and achieve common growth in all Member States!
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We are CEOE

We have joined the Confederación de Empresarios de Aragón (CEOE Aragón), which is the organisation that represents the entire business community of the Autonomous Community of Aragon thanks to the high level of representation achieved since its foundation in 1982.

It encompasses more than 30,000 companies through its member associations: the provincial business organisations of Huesca, Teruel and Zaragoza, and sectorial and intersectorial associations of the Community.

The objective of CEOE Aragón is to coordinate, represent, promote and defend the general and common interests of the business community of Aragon under the principles of free initiative and market economy. To this aim:

CEOE Aragón works for the socio-economic development of the Autonomous Community, the growth of business activity, the improvement of performance and productivity of companies and the training of employers and workers, among other aspects.

The association is the voice of companies in social dialogue and in a wide range of bodies whose decisions affect their activity, especially at the regional level, and provides them with a channel at the national and international level through its membership of CEOE and CEPYME.

We would like to thank the CEOE for allowing us to be associated and thus be able to continue contributing to the business fabric of our region, and internationally. Especially in areas related to training, innovation and internationalisation.


Estudiar química circular con el proyecto CCDE

¡Estudiar química circular de manera divertida es posible!

Por ello, nos encontramos inmersos en el proyecto CCDE con el que desarrollamos juegos interactivos a través de herramientas digitales.
El pasado 6 de Junio se reunió el equipo formado por socios de Macedonia, Italia y España, del cual nuestra organización es representante.

Además de los juegos interactivos e innovadores para divertir a los jóvenes, también hablamos acerca de la seguridad en el laboratorio.
¡Estamos deseando compartir con vosotros más resultados!

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