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The digitization of Cultural Heritage advances with the ARCH for Citizenship project.

Last June 27th and 28th the 4th ARCH project meeting was held at GEINNOVA offices (Zaragoza, Spain). Representatives from Spain, Cyprus, Greece and Italy participated in this event to discuss the progress and next steps of our project, which aims to bring cultural heritage into the digital age.

With this project, we have created an augmented reality (AR) application that provides interactive content related to historical monuments and sites. This app will be ready for use by mid-July and will offer users a unique and fun way to learn about cultural heritage.

We are also working on an educational game aimed at primary school students, which focuses on the monuments and heritage sites of the participating countries.Using storytelling and gamification techniques, the game seeks to make learning about cultural heritage fun and engaging for students. The game is progressing well, and our partners are dedicated to finalizing it over the summer, with the goal of having it ready for students in September.

Another initiative is a digital guide on cultural heritage, available in several languages. This guide will be a useful educational resource for teachers and students, offering information and topics related to cultural heritage. The guide will be available on our website and digital platform by the end of October 2024.

We would like to thank all the partners for their hard work and dedication. Together, we are making great strides in preserving and promoting cultural heritage through innovative digital solutions, and promoting a new way of learning history in school. 

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue this exciting journey!

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GEINNOVA is excited to announce about our new project, WELLDONE, inspired by the EU’s campaign for healthier workplaces. The project comes at a time when the way we work is changing a lot because of new technology, more people wanting to work from home. Studies show that around 30% of workers in Europe now work this way, and while it offers more flexibility and a better balance between work and personal life, it also brings new challenges.

WELLDONE aims to help HR professionals, managers, and team leaders learn how to make working from home or in a hybrid model (mix of home and office) better and safer for everyone. The aim is to teach them how to create good work policies, assess risks, and train for safe remote work practices. Tips and insights from the Healthy Workplaces Campaign to help workers set up their home offices in a way that reduces risks and makes work more enjoyable will be used.

The Project focus is on:
Managing the Project: Working closely with all partners to make sure everything stays on track.
Hybrid Work Toolkit: Making a toolkit full of resources to help companies implement good hybrid work policies and overcome challenges like feeling isolated or working too much.
Training Program: Creating a training program for HR professionals and managers on how to make digital work better for everyone’s well-being.
E-learning Portal: Building an online learning hub where HR professionals, managers, and anyone interested can find resources to help with digital well-being and effective hybrid work environments.
Spreading the Word: Plan to make sure people learn about our project and benefit from it. Using a clear and attractive design for our materials and stay active online.

GEINNOVA is working in collaboration with a variety of partners, including companies experienced in hybrid work, HR associations, training organizations, universities, chambers of commerce, NGOs, government agencies, and workers’ groups. All helping to make this project useful for different kinds of workplaces.

GEINNOVA is leading the way in adapting to new ways of working, aiming to create healthier and more productive work environments for the future. More updates coming on this exciting Project!

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New opportunity to boost your career in the business world!

We are excited to announce that thanks to the collaboration of www.fundacion2100.es and Instituto Aragonés de Empleo (INAEM), we are launching a series of free training courses that you won’t want to miss!
Don’t miss this opportunity for professional growth – enroll now and start your journey to entrepreneurial success! ✨ #EntrepreneurshipTraining #ProfessionalGrowth #FreeEducation.

New courses for priority employed workers:

  1. Management skills and team management (65 hours)
  2. Leadership and management of organisations (100 hours)
  3. Business management for entrepreneurs (165 hours)

Musiclink Project

We are happy to announce our newest project collaboration Music Link. The Music Link project will be led by FUNDACION GARCIA ESTEBAN. The project will support teachers, trainers and tutors (TTTs) to meet the challenges of language and culture difference in the classroom brought about by the sudden and dramatic influx of Ukrainian refugees and other immigrants lacking local language and cultural knowledge.

The project has been commenced on the starting date of 01/09/2023 and will be ongoing for 18 months until 28/02/2025. The project lump sum is € 60 000,00.

Music Link will develop supports to equip the TTTs with innovative, bespoke music-based teaching methods and resources that can also be distributed beyond the primary TTT learner group.

The general objectives of the project are:
-to develop and deliver training in innovative music-based teaching methods to a target group of  TTTs to aid them in promoting intercultural dialogue, facilitating understanding and inclusion
-to make the Music Link outputs further available to learners via an online platform
-to create a resource to both facilitate the sharing of outputs and inform a potential future upscaled project.
-ensure effective distribution and evaluation of project outputs to maximise impact and sustainability.
-facilitate networking and capacity building for partners

Expected results
While the expected results are to develop and pilot methods with a focus group, then deliver to 30 TTTs. Launch an online platform with 100 TTTs or related organizations. Hold a final live-streamed event reaching 50 educators, publish 2 articles. Create a downloadable toolkit including a digital workbook, project summary, and a 10-minute video documentary showcasing project implementation. Implement a dissemination plan targeting 300 stakeholders, conduct ongoing evaluation, achieve a 70% satisfaction rate from TTTs. Strengthen partner organizations, promote intercultural dialogue, address challenges posed by the war in Ukraine, and ensure sustainability of project outputs through an online platform.

The management of the Musiclink project led by FUNDACION GARCIA ESTEBAN is in collaboration with EurAV European Audio Visual Company Limited by Guarantee based in Morington, Ireland; and in Gestión Estratégica e Innovación SL based in Zaragoza, Spain.

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HEIDI Project

We at GEINNOVA are ecstatic to announce our collaboration on the new HEIDI project. HEIDI focuses on addressing challenges encountered by immigrants in self-evaluation, integration and inclusion in the labour market, and connecting with stakeholders. The main interest groups for dissemination include adult immigrants, adult education centres, career guidance service providers, employers, government agencies, immigrant representative organizations, policymakers, researchers, academics, NGOs, and labour market representatives.

HEIDI Objectives
The general goal of the project is to prepare and integrate adult immigrants into the labour market by providing support fitting with EU employment guidelines. There is a subset of activities/strategies this project concerns itself with:

Digital platforms to enhance opportunities for skills assessment, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of everyone’s capabilities.
Career support mechanisms for immigrants and employers, focusing on transforming soft skills to align with the dynamic demands of the labour market.
Community of engaged stakeholders, including education centres, career guidance providers, employers, governmental agencies, and immigrant associations.
Strategies to promote the integration and inclusion of adult immigrants within the labour market, emphasizing the role of digital transformation in facilitating seamless transitions.
Collaboration with public sector entities in support of immigrant integration and inclusion.
– Ensuring that the ultimate beneficiaries receive direct support and wider audience contributes.

Target Group
The target group of this project include adult immigrants, education centers, career guidance providers, employers, governmental agencies, and immigrant associations. All these beneficiaries have a role in and benefit from the project’s distribution and communication strategies in the way to maximize impact of the project.

The dissemination of the project is in collaboration with other organisations. FURIM, Ludwig – Maximillian University of Munich, Vidipost, Vienna Association of Education Volunteers (VAEV), Panevezys, and Studium. In collaboration with these highly esteemed organisations and institutes the GEINNOVA’s leading role in completing the HEIDI project ought to be a success in aiding adult immigrant enter the labour market.

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Future scientists in action: Santa Ana School in Calatayud organises practical science activity for students with the ERASMUS + CCDE Project

The students of Santa Ana school in Calatayud have enjoyed today an exciting scientific experience in which they have learned about chemical reactions in a fun and interactive way.

This has been made possible through the Comarca de Calatayud with the collaboration of the GEInnova team that develops the European project “Circular chemistry in the digital era” to improve science learning in the classroom in a practical and fun way.

The activity consisted of filling some bottles with lemon juice and others with vinegar and then placing a balloon in the mouth of the bottle, which contained sodium bicarbonate. By mixing the two ingredients, a chemical reaction took place, generating carbon dioxide, a gas that inflated the balloon without the need to blow it up.
The students were able to watch in amazement as the balloon inflated by itself, while learning about the basic principles of chemistry and physics. The activity allowed them to understand concepts such as chemical decomposition, gas formation and pressure.

Santa Ana School in Calatayud is committed to an innovative and experiential education that motivates students to learn and discover the world around them. Through these types of activities, the school seeks to encourage scientific curiosity, critical thinking and creativity in its students.

For more information about the project visit the Instagram page!

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Aid for the transformation of passenger and freight transport fleets – Scrapping

Grant for the transformation of the transport fleet – Scrappage

Through this procedure you can qualify for aid aimed at encouraging the definitive withdrawal from road traffic of older, and therefore more polluting, heavy passenger and freight vehicles.

This contributes to the reduction of polluting and greenhouse gas emissions, in addition to noise and other adverse effects of transportation, fulfilling one of the objectives of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan.


Grant from 05/05/2022 to 04/30/2024


Addressed to:
Private companies, natural or legal persons, transporting passengers or goods that provide road transport services, as well as companies that carry out complementary private transport

Natural or legal persons holding MDPE, VDE, MPCE, VPCE, MDLE transport authorizations. And also, natural or legal persons that provide public urban transportation services.

Companies with tax headquarters in Aragon.

Vehicle Registration Certificate
Proof of vehicle registration, including dates of registration and issuance, or a vehicle history report from the Traffic Directorate.

Technical Data Sheet
Copy of the vehicle’s ITV card showing Euro regulations compliance, or a supporting document if not specified.

Vehicle Tax Receipt
Proof of payment for the last mechanical traction vehicle tax.

Proof of Public Transport Service
Certification from the local authority confirming at least two years of public urban transport service.

Entrepreneur Census
Proof of registration in the Entrepreneurs, Professionals, and Withholders census or a certificate from the Tax Agency.

Click here for more information!

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GEINNOVA is excited to announce a new project, STAY CONNECTED. It is a Project with the Project lump sum being at 250 000,00 euros. The project comes at a time when the way we work is changing a lot because of new technology, more people wanting to work from home. So from the 1st of December 2023 until the 30 of November 2025 we will work towards the goal of offering more flexibility and a better balance between work and personal life.

STAYCONNECTED aims to train master trainers to implement the curriculum with HR professionals, managers, and team. Additionally, the STAY CONNECTED project will develop and deliver a toolkit on hybrid work. Enabling a viable way to work from home or in a hybrid model (mix of home and office) for everyone. Furthermore, it is a goal to provide an e-learning platform and open educational resources. Lastly, come with a training package to be implemented to promote digital inclusion in the workplace, for all workers.

The STAY CONNECTED objectives:
– Empowerment of staff to be active participants whether onsite or teleworking, in a hybrid work context.
– Establishing of workplace norms ensuring all people in the organization are aware of them and have the support and training needed to follow them
– Developing innovative, high-quality learning material/resources for managers and HR professionals to promote social connectedness in hybrid work
– Building the ability in managers/HR practitioners to promote digital and social inclusion of all staff in hybrid work

The Project is led by BULGARIAN-ROMANIAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY, however they are working in collaboration with a variety of partners from countries including Cyprus, Portugal, Ireland, Greece, Spain. All helping to make this project useful for different kinds of workplaces.

GEINNOVA is the spanish representative in this project contributing to adapting new ways of working, aiming to create healthier and more productive work environments for the future. More updates coming on this exciting project!

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Stay Connected project takes off with Transnational Kick-off meeting in Cyprus

On 30-31 January, a kick-off meeting was held in Cyprus for the innovative Erasmus+ project Stay Connected (KA220 – ADU), aimed at revolutionising the landscape of online educational resources, modular training for organisations and employees working in hybrid spaces, and the development of a comprehensive toolkit for HR professionals.

Partner organisations contributing to the success of the project that met in Cyprus:
– University of Patras, Greece.
– The Rural Hub C, Ireland
– Mindshift Talent, Portugal.
– Gestión Estratégica e Innovación SL, Spain.
– INNOVADE, Cyprus.

One of the focal points of the event was the presentation of a preview of the project’s state-of-the-art e-learning platform that will be used by the project:
– It will offer a wide range of educational resources and tools to facilitate the navigation of managers and HR professionals in hybrid workplaces.
– It will be a repository of world-class training materials.
– It will serve as a collaborative space for the exchange of best practices and interaction among participants.


The meeting provided an overview of the various work packages (WP) and key objectives of the project, with particular emphasis on:

WP2: Leveraging digitisation and evidence-based hybrid meeting practices to improve workplace efficiency.

WP3: Develop a comprehensive training programme for HR professionals and managers, including a two-day workshop and pilot initiatives in partner countries to gather feedback and refine training modules.

WP4: Creation of an online learning platform and Open Educational Resources (OER) to facilitate access to educational materials, research and practical tools.

WP5: Lead dissemination and exploitation efforts within the project through the creation of a dedicated website, social media presence and a Sustainability Plan to ensure the long-term viability of the project results.

The Stay Connected project allows to address the evolving challenges of hybrid work environments and to ensure equal opportunities for all employees. The strong commitment and enthusiasm of the participants underlines the urgency and relevance of such initiatives, and points to a promising path towards fostering fairer and more inclusive workplaces.

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Conference “Learn about opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship in circular economy. Case studies in rural communities”.

Conference “Learn about opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship in circular economy. Case studies in rural communities”.

Day: 28 February at 18:30.

Place: CEEIARAGON. C/ María de Luna, 11 (Module 1). 50018 Zaragoza.

GEINNOVA in collaboration with CEEIARAGON is organising a conference on Wednesday 28 February at 18:30 at the CEEIARGON facilities in Zaragoza entitled “Learn about opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship in the circular economy. Case studies in rural communities”.

We are going through a key moment for the future of our economy, in this conference will be presented opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship in the context of the circular economy, as well as projects aimed at the sustainable development of Rural Communities.


18:30 – Registration and Reception at the Sustainable Entrepreneurship Event.

18:45 – Welcome by Javier Martínez, Director of the European Business and Innovation Centre of Aragon (CEEIARAGON).

19:00 – Presentation by Carlos Franco, Director of GEINNOVA.
Topic: “Circular Economy: Promoting Sustainability through Entrepreneurship”.

19:15 – Presentation by Milagros Barrios, Head of the Entrepreneurship Department at GEINNOVA.
Theme: “Strengthening Rural Communities and the Development of Local Projects”.

19:30 – Closing of the event.

We are waiting for you!