CREDI is an Erasmus project aiming at the development of creative digital skills of adults with lower practical knowledge regarding innovative approaches. The unemployed/employed adults will have chance to identify several «createch» skills determined using this methodology include image editing, graphic design, typesetting, animation, website design, art direction, photography, gamification and video production. Createch has great potential to contribute to economic growth and job creation,based on the underlying technology and the expected wide applicability of Createch innovations to different sectors and contexts.

The specific objectives of the CREDI project are:

  1. to identify what the createch skills are, which roles require them, and their importance to the future jobs market;
  2. to provide learning opportunities for adults in lifelong learning; also to provide incentivise and enable greater employer engagement in training; and cement the value of creative education;
  3. give adults the opportunity to acquire and develop skills and abilities that contribute to their full participation in the information society;
  4. develop an Online Training programme which includes modular training courses;
  5. develop an Online self assesment tool which allows adults identify gaps and shortages in digital skills;
  6. deliver training courses to at least 60 digitally low skilled adults to increase their createch skills and competences;
  7. support at least 12 trainers.

The international partnership of the project is composed of: Germany, Turkey, France, Spain, Greece and Italy.


Start Date: 01.12.2021
End Date: 01.12.2023