We at GEINNOVA are ecstatic to announce our collaboration on the new HEIDI project. HEIDI focuses on addressing challenges encountered by immigrants in self-evaluation, integration and inclusion in the labour market, and connecting with stakeholders. The main interest groups for dissemination include adult immigrants, adult education centres, career guidance service providers, employers, government agencies, immigrant representative organizations, policymakers, researchers, academics, NGOs, and labour market representatives.

HEIDI Objectives
The general goal of the project is to prepare and integrate adult immigrants into the labour market by providing support fitting with EU employment guidelines. There is a subset of activities/strategies this project concerns itself with:

Digital platforms to enhance opportunities for skills assessment, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of everyone’s capabilities.
Career support mechanisms for immigrants and employers, focusing on transforming soft skills to align with the dynamic demands of the labour market.
Community of engaged stakeholders, including education centres, career guidance providers, employers, governmental agencies, and immigrant associations.
Strategies to promote the integration and inclusion of adult immigrants within the labour market, emphasizing the role of digital transformation in facilitating seamless transitions.
Collaboration with public sector entities in support of immigrant integration and inclusion.
– Ensuring that the ultimate beneficiaries receive direct support and wider audience contributes.

Target Group
The target group of this project include adult immigrants, education centers, career guidance providers, employers, governmental agencies, and immigrant associations. All these beneficiaries have a role in and benefit from the project’s distribution and communication strategies in the way to maximize impact of the project.

The dissemination of the project is in collaboration with other organisations. FURIM, Ludwig – Maximillian University of Munich, Vidipost, Vienna Association of Education Volunteers (VAEV), Panevezys, and Studium. In collaboration with these highly esteemed organisations and institutes the GEINNOVA’s leading role in completing the HEIDI project ought to be a success in aiding adult immigrant enter the labour market.