Using agile learning platforms to infuse knowledge of the circular economy with entrepreneurship

The objectives of CIRCLE are to support VET providers to deliver high quality online education that underpins a bright and sustainable future for learners and the environment, presenting a range of tailored resources that develop circular knowledge infused with entrepreneurship. Led by GEINNOVA, the project team submits an application for funding as they collectively believe that a transnational approach is needed for the CIRCLE project, because the recovery from the COVID-19 crisis, especially efforts to support young people and workers to acquire the key skills needed for the green and digital transitions and to access the labour market and secure future employment, is a European level challenge rather than a national issue.


1 – develop a set of learning resources in the form of Training Maps and toolkits to enable VET learners to acquire the necessary competences for the green and circular economy;

2 – fostering the entrepreneurial mindset of young people through a series of interactive learning resources that are benchmarked against the Ideas and Opportunities of the EntreComp Framework;

3 – create a new CPD TTT course for VET teachers/trainers to strengthen their competences to digitise learning offers and methods, while providing appropriate guidance and accompaniment measures;

4 – establish a facilitated Europe-wide online network among VET stakeholders to share good practices, build professional relationships and jointly create solutions to current labour market realities.

The partnership is composed of Spain, Ireland, Croatia, Germany, Germany, Portugal, France and Cyprus.  

Acronym: CIRCULO

Start date: 01-11-2021

Finish date: 01-11-2023 

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