GEINNOVA is excited to announce a new project, STAY CONNECTED. It is a Project with the Project lump sum being at 250 000,00 euros. The project comes at a time when the way we work is changing a lot because of new technology, more people wanting to work from home. So from the 1st of December 2023 until the 30 of November 2025 we will work towards the goal of offering more flexibility and a better balance between work and personal life.

STAYCONNECTED aims to train master trainers to implement the curriculum with HR professionals, managers, and team. Additionally, the STAY CONNECTED project will develop and deliver a toolkit on hybrid work. Enabling a viable way to work from home or in a hybrid model (mix of home and office) for everyone. Furthermore, it is a goal to provide an e-learning platform and open educational resources. Lastly, come with a training package to be implemented to promote digital inclusion in the workplace, for all workers.

The STAY CONNECTED objectives:
– Empowerment of staff to be active participants whether onsite or teleworking, in a hybrid work context.
– Establishing of workplace norms ensuring all people in the organization are aware of them and have the support and training needed to follow them
– Developing innovative, high-quality learning material/resources for managers and HR professionals to promote social connectedness in hybrid work
– Building the ability in managers/HR practitioners to promote digital and social inclusion of all staff in hybrid work

The Project is led by BULGARIAN-ROMANIAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY, however they are working in collaboration with a variety of partners from countries including Cyprus, Portugal, Ireland, Greece, Spain. All helping to make this project useful for different kinds of workplaces.

GEINNOVA is the spanish representative in this project contributing to adapting new ways of working, aiming to create healthier and more productive work environments for the future. More updates coming on this exciting project!