PRO-DIGITA is a small scale project that aims to provide both trainers and trainees with the necessary tools to develop their digital skills and transmit them through a new digital/online training approach, thus achieving a real digital transformation in today’s educational field.

Led by Tropicalastral Lda, this project sees the active involvement of three other partner organisations, Geinnova, NazHemASO and Debasu Sala, all of which are active and experienced in training and education sectors.

Through the development of an online course targeting trainers and trainees, the creation of a handbook and a network accessible by them, PRO-DIGITA project will provide the necessary skills to integrate technology in the educational field in order to increase those e-competences that are more and more important in today’s society, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic.

The concrete Objectives are as follows:

  1. To increase the digital transformation of trainers and trainees through the development of the digital capacity, through the development of an ad hoc training course and the mutual exchange of information and expertise through a network;
  2. To improve the competencies of trainers and trainees in online education;
  3. To improve accessibility on online education for adult education.


The small-scale partnership is composed of Portugal, Spain, Lithuania, and Turkey.



Start Date: 01-05-2022 

Finish Date: 01-11-2023 

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