SPACE4US Project




SPACE4US is an European project that aims at developing and testing an innovative and integrated model for the individual and collective empowerment of young women, based on blended-experiential learning activities, to foster the social inclusion of girls at risk of marginalisation.

Led by Glocal Factory, this project sees the active involvement of eight other partner organisations, Geinnova, Iscte,Breza,Synthesis Center, CZ-ART, NOESSO, L’Albero cooperativa,Mano Europa all of which are active and experienced in training and education sectors.

The concrete Objectives are as follows:

  1. To provide a framework as up-to-date as possible of the different contexts that generate
    inequality and marginalisation of girls: patriarchal families, culturally deprived families, schools unable to cope with bullying, social media, etc.; and specific to different territories across Europe.t
  2. To design and experiment new support strategies to help these girls reach their full potential, through activities, digital tools and spaces tailored to their individual and shared needs.
  3. To improve the personal and professional skills of the youth workers involved in the project, who often lack proper  pedagogical knowledge and methodologies to deal with the most pressing youth issues and more specifically with “girl issues”.
  4. It wants to be a means to increase motivation and satisfaction in their daily work and to boost
    their opportunities for professional development through the exchange of good practices and training, also by establishing working relationships with other youth workers from different European countries.
  5. To bridge the digital divide that generally affects young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, who tend to have less access to technologies than their peers and who, especially during COVID-19, found themselves in a situation of further marginalisation.


The partnership is composed of Italy, Croatia, Portugal, Spain, Cyprus, Lithuania, Poland.


Acronym: SPACE4US

Start Date: 01-11-2021

Finish Date: 01-11-2023