Enhancing the level of social inclusion of Youth migrants and refugees, co-desgining policies through the setting up of consultation bodies at local and european Level

Immigrants, as long as they remain foreigners, generally cannot inform the national policies that affect their daily lives. On one end of the MIPEX (Migrant Integration Policy Index) scale, a few EU Member States grant all residents, whatever their nationality, the same political liberties, local and regional voting rights, access to funding for civic participation, and consultative bodies of diverse residents. With our project we aspire to fil this gap in line with the Action Plan on Integration and Inclusion 2021-2027, we mainly want to focus on the target group of young migrants aged 19-26.


The project for Transnational actions on asylum, migration and integration aims to support the setting up of consultative bodies of youth migrants at local and EU level, in  close cooperation with public authorities. The main objective is to create a system composed of european and local consultative bodies involving migrants and refugees, taking into account the different frameworks of legislations of the member States involved in the project. An active participation of  migrants in consultative and decision-making processes can contribute to their empowerment and long-term  integration into society for a mutual and better understanding and improvement of the policy framework in each  country. The projects develops concrete awareness for the Member States that hosts migrants and refugees. Their involvement will further contribute to enhancing the cultural background and skills of migrants and refugees and will facilitate social inclusion in the European context, also in terms of active European citizenship.


The multi stakeholder approach promoted by the partnership (composed by NGO expert in training and education, Universities,  Municipalities and governmental LA) aims to reinforce the cross-border cooperation on these points. Working in a EU-wide partnership is inspiring and helps to get closer to EU standards of best practice, and realize the principles of good migrant integration/empowerment.

We can count as much as 13 partners, belonging to Spain, Italy, Greece, France, Malta, Sweden, Belgium and the  Netherlands. For all partners, the project represents an opportunity to capitalize and upscale experiences from past  projects involving youth with migration background, enhancing capacity building, designing and implementing policy areas that affect youth with the aim of improving a long term sustainable system of social inclusion.



Project Start Date: 01/11/2021

Project End Date: 31/10/2023

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