SMART+CULTURE is an Erasmus project aiming at the development of entrepreneurial skills in young people (aged 18-30) and the improvement of their knowledge about business opportunities in the agricultural sector. As set out by the Sustainable Development Objectives of 2030 EU Agenda, promoting a more sustainable agriculture is a crucial element to foster sustainable food production systems and implement resilient agricultural practices that increase productivity and output, help protect ecosystems, enhance adaptive capacity to climate change.
This means also the increase of investment, including through improved international cooperation, in rural infrastructure, agricultural research and training, technological development. In this context, the role of the new generations is fundamental, as in the coming years they will be responsible for governing development processes and making more conscious choices.

The specific objectives of the SMART+CULTURE project are:
1. Promote agriculture and innovative solutions and opportunities which are strategic for the sustainable growth of our planet, with special attention to rural development and sustainable agriculture;
2. Foster young people’s sense of initiative and youth entrepreneurship by making the agricultural sector a real and attractive job opportunity, promoting the acquisition of relevant entrepreneurial skills and competences;
3. Promote better knowledge about the situation of young people and youth policies and fundings in Europe to start new businesses, with a focus on CAP(Common Agricultural Policy) Fundings.
4. Search for information and data about the current status of young people employment with a focus on the agricultural sector in Europe, and how climate change has affected this industry,
5. Elaboration of the data collected in order to give best practise examples to encourage entrepreneurial initiatives, especially for the ones who aspire to start new and innovative agricultural business in the rural areas ;
6. Equip young Europeans with knowledge about smart agriculture and fundings opportunity in order to
establish and reinforce cooperation between young people and organisation at local and European level.

The international partnership of the project is composed of: Spain, Romania and Cyprus.


Start Date: 01.03.2022
End Date: 01.03.2023