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Creative Europe to support 40 projects in 2024 to boost literary translations

Open call in 2024 to promote literary translations

Apply before 16 April 2024 to get funding for the translation, promotion, and circulation of European literary works of fiction. With this call, worth €5 million, Creative Europe finances 40 projects.

Budget: 5 000 000 EUR

Programme: Creative Europe Programme (CREA)

Type of action: CREA-LS CREA Lump Sum Grants

Creative Europe’s 2024 call supports the translation, promotion, and circulation of European literary works of fiction (novels, poetry, comics etc.) with a total budget of €5 million.

40 projects will receive funding and the call is open for individual organisations or consortia.

The deadline for application is 16 April 2024 at 17:00 GMT+1


Call specific priorities:

  • – Enhance European literary diversity and circulation.
  • – Promote translation, publication, and marketing of works in less-spoken languages.
  • – Expand readership, especially among youth, fostering appreciation for European literature.
  • – Boost book sector competitiveness through collaboration across the value chain.
  • – Advocate for visibility, fair conditions, and proper remuneration for literary translators, ensuring their acknowledgment in published works.

All the projects financed under this action must regard inclusion, diversity, gender equality and the environmental transition in their design and implementation.


  • – Works of fiction in languages from countries taking part in the Creative Europe programme are eligible. Latin and ancient Greek as well as certain regional and minority languages are also eligible.
  • – Organisations active in the publishing and book sector are eligible to apply. Individuals cannot apply on their own.

Expected results

The initiative will support approximately 40 projects led by either a single entity or a group of organizations. Each project, based on a editorial and promotional strategy, should include at least 5 eligible translated fiction works. Criteria include fostering literature diversity, ensuring broad access, expanding readership, promoting collaboration across the literary ecosystem, enhancing translator visibility and fair compensation, and aligning with Creative Europe and Culture Strand 2024 priorities.

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SHE@CYBER aims to enhance cybersecurity in Europe by developing practical tools for SMEs and microenterprises. Additionally, it seeks to promote “gender parity” in cybersecurity, enabling women and disadvantaged groups to transition into new roles.

This will be achieved through:

– The curriculum and roadmap,

– Innovative training and learning materials,

– Train-the-trainer pilots, and

– The digital learning platform that will integrate all outcomes.

Implementation: What activities will you carry out?

SHE@CYBER will initially develop a roadmap for a diverse cybersecurity workforce, followed by Interactive Learning Resources, Cybersecurity Training, the toolkit, and a train-the-trainer workshop.

By completing all deliverables, the consortium will achieve the flagship result of bridging the diversity gap and producing skilled cybersecurity professionals for a safer digital Europe.

The main project outcomes are:

  1. Foster the exchange of cutting-edge cybersecurity knowledge among training providers, certification bodies, and enterprises,
  2. Alleviate the cybersecurity skills shortage,
  3. Lay the groundwork for an alliance between industry and educational stakeholders to jointly develop training solutions and bolster security in the European Digital Economy,
  4. Provide solutions to safeguard the European economy and society by addressing the gender gap in cybersecurity.


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GEINNOVA offers training to Zaragoza City Hall public workers in 2023

At GEINNOVA, we are proud to share the online training courses that we have had the privilege of delivering under tender by Zaragoza City Hall throughout the year 2023.

Our training offer was characterised by five different courses:
– Learning to manage stress (20 hours).
– How to manage present conflicts and avoid future ones (30 hours)
– Techniques for successful negotiation (20 hours)
– Games for innovation (30 hours)
– Good practices in the design of European projects (40 hours)

The main objective of the online courses was to empower participants with practical skills and expertise that would enable them to improve their professional and personal performance and contribute to the success of their work activities and projects.
These courses represent our ongoing commitment to the professional development and personal growth of our participants. In fact, one of our aims is to ensure continuous training through our e-learning platform aimed at improving users’ professional skills and competencies. In particular, our methodology blends the best solutions of Rise Articulate to create visual and interactive content and the Moodle platform, a world leader in its field.
We will continue to offer training services in 2024 to meet the learning needs of our community.

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