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Stay Connected project takes off with Transnational Kick-off meeting in Cyprus

On 30-31 January, a kick-off meeting was held in Cyprus for the innovative Erasmus+ project Stay Connected (KA220 – ADU), aimed at revolutionising the landscape of online educational resources, modular training for organisations and employees working in hybrid spaces, and the development of a comprehensive toolkit for HR professionals.

Partner organisations contributing to the success of the project that met in Cyprus:
– University of Patras, Greece.
– The Rural Hub C, Ireland
– Mindshift Talent, Portugal.
– Gestión Estratégica e Innovación SL, Spain.
– INNOVADE, Cyprus.

One of the focal points of the event was the presentation of a preview of the project’s state-of-the-art e-learning platform that will be used by the project:
– It will offer a wide range of educational resources and tools to facilitate the navigation of managers and HR professionals in hybrid workplaces.
– It will be a repository of world-class training materials.
– It will serve as a collaborative space for the exchange of best practices and interaction among participants.


The meeting provided an overview of the various work packages (WP) and key objectives of the project, with particular emphasis on:

WP2: Leveraging digitisation and evidence-based hybrid meeting practices to improve workplace efficiency.

WP3: Develop a comprehensive training programme for HR professionals and managers, including a two-day workshop and pilot initiatives in partner countries to gather feedback and refine training modules.

WP4: Creation of an online learning platform and Open Educational Resources (OER) to facilitate access to educational materials, research and practical tools.

WP5: Lead dissemination and exploitation efforts within the project through the creation of a dedicated website, social media presence and a Sustainability Plan to ensure the long-term viability of the project results.

The Stay Connected project allows to address the evolving challenges of hybrid work environments and to ensure equal opportunities for all employees. The strong commitment and enthusiasm of the participants underlines the urgency and relevance of such initiatives, and points to a promising path towards fostering fairer and more inclusive workplaces.

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The final event of “Re-Cultural Heritage”

The “Re-Cultural Heritage” project has reached its conclusion after two years of work and collaboration for cultural heritage preservation and sustainable development in Europe. This project funded by the European Union, has focused on the preservation and promotion of cultural heritage, the promotion of rural tourism and professional development.

On 22 February, we organised an event in the Pignatelli Hall which was attended by a diverse group of people to hear presentations by the management of the Santa María de Albarracín Foundation, the Directorate General for Cultural Heritage of the Government of Aragon and our management.

We at GEINNOVA announce the completion of the “Re-Cultural Heritage” Project with pleasure, presenting the activities and results obtained thanks to the collaboration of our European partners. With special thanks to the Santa María de Albarracín Foundation. The Foundation dedicated to turning Albarracín into a cultural emblem, has been the European coordinator in the implementation of our initiatives.

The main focus of “Re-Cultural Heritage” has been to integrate the preservation of cultural heritage with the economic and social development of the local community. It is a matter of revitalising the cultural environment to generate employment opportunities and sustainable growth in rural tourism.

This project’s strategy focuses on empowering the community to take an active role in the management and promotion of their heritage. This ensures long-term sustainability and greater involvement of local inhabitants in the conservation of their cultural identity.

For more information on the “Re-Cultural Heritage” project and its results, do not hesitate to consult its website


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Successful GEINNOVA Conference at ESIC

On 7 February, ESIC hosted the GEINNOVA team formed by Micol Petrone, Zaira Villalba and Naomi Nervo to give students a talk on personal and professional development through training.

Essential aspects such as the interpersonal skills known as “softskills” in today’s uncertain, volatile and complex employment landscape were explored in depth.

GEINNOVA, as a company focused on innovation and inclusion, called for continuous learning and innovation as a transversal value of leadership in both personal and professional spheres.

In addition, they were shown free trainings with European programmes such as the REMIND project, dedicated to cultivate transversal competences applicable to all spheres of life exposed in an online training of which we have been providers of the platform and contents.

Register on the platform and get access to this valuable content!

E-Learning Platform

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Creative Europe to support 40 projects in 2024 to boost literary translations

Open call in 2024 to promote literary translations

Apply before 16 April 2024 to get funding for the translation, promotion, and circulation of European literary works of fiction. With this call, worth €5 million, Creative Europe finances 40 projects.

Budget: 5 000 000 EUR

Programme: Creative Europe Programme (CREA)

Type of action: CREA-LS CREA Lump Sum Grants

Creative Europe’s 2024 call supports the translation, promotion, and circulation of European literary works of fiction (novels, poetry, comics etc.) with a total budget of €5 million.

40 projects will receive funding and the call is open for individual organisations or consortia.

The deadline for application is 16 April 2024 at 17:00 GMT+1


Call specific priorities:

  • – Enhance European literary diversity and circulation.
  • – Promote translation, publication, and marketing of works in less-spoken languages.
  • – Expand readership, especially among youth, fostering appreciation for European literature.
  • – Boost book sector competitiveness through collaboration across the value chain.
  • – Advocate for visibility, fair conditions, and proper remuneration for literary translators, ensuring their acknowledgment in published works.

All the projects financed under this action must regard inclusion, diversity, gender equality and the environmental transition in their design and implementation.


  • – Works of fiction in languages from countries taking part in the Creative Europe programme are eligible. Latin and ancient Greek as well as certain regional and minority languages are also eligible.
  • – Organisations active in the publishing and book sector are eligible to apply. Individuals cannot apply on their own.

Expected results

The initiative will support approximately 40 projects led by either a single entity or a group of organizations. Each project, based on a editorial and promotional strategy, should include at least 5 eligible translated fiction works. Criteria include fostering literature diversity, ensuring broad access, expanding readership, promoting collaboration across the literary ecosystem, enhancing translator visibility and fair compensation, and aligning with Creative Europe and Culture Strand 2024 priorities.

For more information click here!



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GEINNOVA offers training to Zaragoza City Hall public workers in 2023

At GEINNOVA, we are proud to share the online training courses that we have had the privilege of delivering under tender by Zaragoza City Hall throughout the year 2023.

Our training offer was characterised by five different courses:
– Learning to manage stress (20 hours).
– How to manage present conflicts and avoid future ones (30 hours)
– Techniques for successful negotiation (20 hours)
– Games for innovation (30 hours)
– Good practices in the design of European projects (40 hours)

The main objective of the online courses was to empower participants with practical skills and expertise that would enable them to improve their professional and personal performance and contribute to the success of their work activities and projects.
These courses represent our ongoing commitment to the professional development and personal growth of our participants. In fact, one of our aims is to ensure continuous training through our e-learning platform aimed at improving users’ professional skills and competencies. In particular, our methodology blends the best solutions of Rise Articulate to create visual and interactive content and the Moodle platform, a world leader in its field.
We will continue to offer training services in 2024 to meet the learning needs of our community.

Click the button for more information on future training courses!

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Descriptive Mapping of AE in Environmental Awareness and Sustainable Development

We introduce the Descriptive Mapping of Adult Education in Environmental Awareness and Sustainable Development.

This report was developed within the project WE: Real-World Education to foster environmental awareness.

You can read it by downloading it here
EN_WEMappingReport.pdf (52 downloads)

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We are CEOE

We have joined the Confederación de Empresarios de Aragón (CEOE Aragón), which is the organisation that represents the entire business community of the Autonomous Community of Aragon thanks to the high level of representation achieved since its foundation in 1982.

It encompasses more than 30,000 companies through its member associations: the provincial business organisations of Huesca, Teruel and Zaragoza, and sectorial and intersectorial associations of the Community.

The objective of CEOE Aragón is to coordinate, represent, promote and defend the general and common interests of the business community of Aragon under the principles of free initiative and market economy. To this aim:

CEOE Aragón works for the socio-economic development of the Autonomous Community, the growth of business activity, the improvement of performance and productivity of companies and the training of employers and workers, among other aspects.

The association is the voice of companies in social dialogue and in a wide range of bodies whose decisions affect their activity, especially at the regional level, and provides them with a channel at the national and international level through its membership of CEOE and CEPYME.

We would like to thank the CEOE for allowing us to be associated and thus be able to continue contributing to the business fabric of our region, and internationally. Especially in areas related to training, innovation and internationalisation.

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GEINNOVA organised through the SCALE funded Erasmus+ project a piloting activity at the ‘Colegio San Vicente de Paúl’ on 15/03/2023. The activity plan was developed and implemented by Geinnova’s staff, consisting of Micol Petrone, Michela Orrù and Alessandro Marconi. The target group was a class of 20 students aged around 12, supported by their English teacher Carmen Pinilla.

The program of activities was developed by combining the principles of ACLs and the theme of climate change. Applied Creativity Labs (ACLs) equip children and young people with the creative behaviors and thinking skills needed in order to develop innovative solutions to real world challenges. Young people are presented with an overview of a real world ‘challenge’ (ie. Climate change) and then receive bespoke creativity training, which builds their creative capacity to generate solutions.

Creative skills are essential for life, learning and future work: they are highly valued by employers and international organizations such as the World Economic Forum, as they develop positive attitudes, flexibility and openness to new challenges. Additional employability skills are developed such as teamwork, communication, leadership, critical thinking and problem solving. These skills enable young people to be successful in their learning and future careers.

During the ACL implementation in SPAIN, Geinnova’s team worked with young students aged 12 starting with an icebreaker activity called “bish, bosh, what are you doing?”

Then, GEINNOVA staff showed a presentation on climate change, its effects and consequences; supplemented by an overview of ACLs methodologies. The games supplied as ACLs activity combined to the climate change topic were:

– Quiz about climate change

– If climate change was an animal

– If climate change’s solution was an animal

– I don’t like your idea

– Recycling

The recycling activity consisted of using empty plastic bottles in order to create plant pots. To stimulate students’ creativity, they were also provided with materials to decorate the pots. The plants chosen to be grown were lentils, grown in cotton balls. The choice is justified by the fact that these seedlings will need daily care, so as to empower the students.

The main objective of ACLs is the creative problem-solving process, following some steps: 

– Clarify the task

– Think divergently

– Choose an idea

– Think convergently

– Do it in practice

– Refine and improve

– Present

– Review the process

Students embraced the project and activities with enthusiasm, actively participating and practicing the methodologies administered. The result was a good 3-hour lesson on climate change, which allowed the class to think actively and critically about the topic.

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Teachers sign up Game Educate project to improve their education job

Focused on the education sector, Gameducatewas born with the intention of supporting teachers in schools and institutes to develop social and pedagogical skills that help them to perform a better educational work. It also offers multimedia programs to train teachers in the digital world and provide them with tools to further assist them in their work in schools. The Kick-off meeting that marks the start of the “Gameducate” project took place on 1st December.

The following objectives were presented:

• To understand the current needs of the most innovative teaching methods and the role of technology in the partner countries.

• To improve the professional development of all teachers by providing them with new techniques in methodological and pedagogical development.

• Create a curriculum network based on a local curriculum.

• Provide a program of tools that will include digital aids and other multimedia help files.

The project implementation process will be carried out through three main activities:

  1.  A curriculum on gamification and innovative pedagogical approaches, as well as digital technology tools in education.
  2. The online development and implementation of the multimedia tools program, which aims to educate about the digital world.
  3. Training workshops (online or face-to-face), with teachers or directors of educational institutions and other related teachers.

This proposal is intended to improve the training of teachers, not only at school level, but, thanks to the ease of adaptation of its activities, can be implemented even to professionals related to Erasmus+ programs.

The partnership includes organizations from France, Spain, Greece, Italy, Austria, Slovenia and Cyprus.

                                             So, let’s get to it!

DIGITUP project
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Digit Up project kicks off

The DigitUp project had its first transnational meeting on 2nd December with partners from Greece, Spain, Cyprus, Norway, Italy and Bulgaria.

DigitUp wants to achieve the transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises with the development of digital readiness. It wants to do this with measures such as:

  1. Supporting and encouraging the creation of a business environment that supports digital capabilities.
  2. Ensuring access to and use of innovative learning practices in team projects.
  3. Increasing public debate about the digital skills and knowledge of small and medium-sized enterprises and micro-enterprises
  4. Contributing to the capacity building of EU countries and stakeholders with the implementation of new digital training methodologies.

With this type of measures it is intended to cover three fields of relevance; digital competences and skills, digital practices, technologies and content and the development of multimedia education courses.

For the creation of the teacher training and education course for the further work of training the heads and managers of the mentioned companies, it is necessary to identify the needs of the sector, such as:

– The types of competencies required in this type of organisation

– The technological developments with which managers should familiarise themselves.

– The evaluation criteria for measuring digital skills.

In the process of developing this project, synergies between the partners of the scheme in the fields of education and youth will be improved by valorising good practices (through templates) and local, regional or European strategies to increase the visibility of the selected companies’ websites and, therefore, their results.

In addition, the countries involved will be able to share their knowledge and experience with the different groups and connect with other relevant fields in order to develop innovative tools and methods to promote the results of the participating companies.

It’s time to get down to work and bet on DigitUp!