Reactivation of the cultural heritage: social and economic Development of rural areas

Re-Cultural Heritage seeks to improve community cohesion through educational pathways that support the personal development of teachers, citizens and minorities towards employment and integration into the labour market. In addition, it aims to build an economic development and employment strategy linked to quality tourism and to underline the role that a proper appreciation of cultural heritage can play in regional economic development.


1 – Improving employability skills to facilitate the opening up of youth work to cross-sectoral cooperation;

2 – To increase adults’ competences related to job profiles, especially in the social, tourism and artistic sectors;

3 – Ensure new approaches to better support competitiveness in order to fill the lack of employment opportunities, from these rural areas, which is pushing a whole generation into big cities or abroad;

4 – Creation of a network activity on education, entrepreneurship, leadership and equal opportunities;

5 – Improve practices to address the needs of vulnerable groups, with fewer opportunities, to address gaps in learning achievement caused by regional and socio-economic inequalities and to facilitate access to different labour markets;

6 -Increase employment opportunities by adapting them to the post-Covid-19 demand;

7 – Increase the sense of heritage and historical values, especially in rural areas, where heritage is not seen as a means that can be used for prosperity.

The partnership is composed of Spain, Turkey, Italy, Slovakia, Greece and Austria.  

Acronym: Re-Cultural Heritage

Start date: 01-11-2021

End date: 01-11-2023 

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