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GEInnova organises interactive activities for grandparents in Illueca and Abizanda

GeInnova and its partners in Greece, Italy and Romania have launched the project “GREAT”: project: Grandparenting as Resource to Enhance the Educational Adult Community, to improve and value grandparents’ skills and at the same time strengthen their family relationships.

The goals of this project are clear: to promote and enrich grandparents’ skills, stimulate their creativity, and provide them with tools to enhance their interpersonal relationships, both in person and remotely, especially with their grandchildren.

To achieve these goals, GEInnova has developed an ergonomic and pedagogical online training platform, offering grandparents the opportunity to train autonomously. This platform offers several modules covering various themes based on non-formal learning, including examples of activities, games, videos, and songs.

In addition to online training, the GEInnova team organized interactive activities in Illueca.
Among these, a “cooking workshop” was particularly appreciated, fostering the exchange of culinary knowledge among participants of different generations. This activity allowed the sharing of family recipes and memories related to cooking, thereby strengthening family ties.
Furthermore, an “Expressive Arts Festival”, held in Illueca and Abizanda, encouraged creative expression through activities such as watercolor painting and the creation of mood boards. These initiatives promoted personal expression and the exploration of individual creativity. Moreover, participants had the opportunity to take part in an activity in Abizanda on preventing emergency situations. This enabled them to improve their first-aid skills and anticipate their actions when interacting with their grandchildren to enjoy their time in a safe environment.

The various initiatives implemented by the “GREAT” project aim to facilitate intergenerational collaboration, stimulate creativity, and offer simple and playful activities suitable for everyone, thus promoting strengthened and enriching family relationships.

Para más información sobre el proyecto “GREAT” y sus resultados, no dude en consultar su página web.