Supporting school-educators in use of cultural heritage for inclusive digital education

The integration of digital cultural heritage in compulsory education is more important than ever, as the challenges faced for the educational and cultural sectors due to COVID-19, require a strong reliance on digital teaching and learning. While the national curriculum can differ from country to country within the European Union, the focus on our common European history, cultural heritage and the heritage of migrant and marginalised populations in Europe, is as relevant as ever. Digital cultural heritage is envisaged as a powerful online education vehicle to teach in STEAM subjects. CHERISHED, seeks to set forward the path for a sustainable plan toward such integration.

The CHERISHED project aims to:

– Provide a pedagogical framework and concrete recommendations for adoption by educational ministries across Europe

– Enhance the capacity of secondary school teachers toward integration of digital cultural heritage in their everyday teaching practices across the curriculum.

– Support school educators to safeguard the inclusive nature of digital learning opportunities in and through cultural heritage.

– Promote innovative quality resources and tools for school educators for integration of cultural heritage towards inclusive digital education.

– Provide an impact and evaluation tool for teachers’ self-assessment of their readiness to reuse digital cultural heritage in compulsory education.

– Promote awareness on the importance of cultural heritage readiness for inclusive digital education in Europe.

The intention through the CHERISHED project is to reach over one hundred (100) secondary school students, who will participate in pilot and implementation phases of the designed-based research pursued. Over sixty secondary school teachers and principals will participate in the pilot and implementation phase and the learning activity of the project.


Project Start Date: 01/03/2021

Project End Date: 28/02/2023

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