Scaling Up Applied Creativity Labs for Europe

The main objective of this project is to address current local and regional environmental and climate change issues faced by communities across Europe through an innovative methodology known as “Applied Creativity Labs”.

The Commission’s 2016 Communication ‘Investing in European Youth’ stressed the importance of opening up new opportunities for young people, with high quality education playing a key role in their positive development and life chances. High quality education underpins inclusive and resilient societies. Inclusive and resilient societies, promotes personal development and lays the foundations for active citizenship.

However, if European societies are to reap these benefits, high quality education must become a reality for all learners Applied Creativity Labs are a unique teaching and learning methodology that focuses on critical thinking and solution-centred learning, through which inspiration meets organisation; which have been developed by IVE in the UK. The focus is on harnessing imagination and artistic vision to effectively implement innovative ideas. Applied Creativity Workshops (ACL) are designed to give young people the creative behaviour and critical thinking skills which, when applied to real-world challenges, help them to develop innovative solutions to pan-European problems.


ACLs also aim to inspire participants to educate them for potential

pursue future careers and jobs in relevant fields through the interactive involvement of experts in the field, known as role models. The process starts by presenting young people with an overview of what the ‘challenge’ is, e.g. air pollution, sustainable agricultural practices, climate change, etc.

The project aims to disseminate a creative teaching methodology applied across Europe, to get the best out of young people’s minds to generate innovative and unique ideas and produce “out of the box” solutions to current European environmental challenges.


Project Start Date: 01/11/2020

Project End Date: 30/04/2023

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