Training Digital entrepreneurs leading e-business

The lock-in and telecommuting imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic was an unexpected reality check for organisations of all sizes, and many companies went out of business or experienced survival problems. Organisations had to chart a new course for their business towards cloud computing and digital transformation, with the global health crisis serving as a driver to establish the value and flexibility of cloud computing.

With this in mind, the e-ENTREPRENEUR project is born with the main objective of training current and future e-entrepreneurs to incorporate e-business and cloud solutions into their own practices to achieve the common European goal of developing smart and inclusive growth based on knowledge and innovation and reaping the benefits of a digital single market.

The specific objectives of this project are:

1 – Broaden the dissemination and awareness of the use of cloud-based software among at least 1000 current or potential entrepreneurs, especially young people and women, in the partner countries and at European level, in order to foster the creation of new start-ups and increase the competitiveness of companies through the elaboration and dissemination of a creative handbook for digital entrepreneurs.

2 – Enrich partners’ training offers and increase the quality of adult education by developing innovative blended curricula and educational materials that respond to their needs in the field of digital entrepreneurship and help to integrate e-business.

3 – Increase the key competence in digital entrepreneurship of at least 50 entrepreneurs from vulnerable groups and at least 50 entrepreneurs through the provision of training in all partner countries.

4 – Strengthen partners’ capacities to introduce digitisation in education by implementing a common learning management system, developing and implementing e-learning courses and digital materials and improving peer-to-peer collaboration and self-assessment.

5 – Improve communication, exchange and flourishing of good practices between partners through active involvement of staff in all project activities.


The project will address these needs by developing and delivering blended learning sessions on cloud and open source software for business integration, expanding and developing digital skills, thus expanding the provision of high quality adult learning opportunities to improve their employment opportunities.

The countries involved in the e-ENTREPRENEUR project are Spain, Romania, Cyprus and France.


Start date: 01-11-2021

End date: 01-11-2023

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