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Erasmus+ KA220

Promote entrepreneurship in the agro-industry sector in rural areas with a focus on crafts and local products.

As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads worldwide, the introduction of social distancing, national containments and tiered systems at national and local levels since March 2020 has hampered almost all economic activity in European countries, especially in rural areas and the countryside where the economy was already at risk.


  1. To strengthen the territory by increasing the dissemination of local products (both artisanal and gastronomic) in order to make them known at local and regional level, increasing productivity in rural areas.
  2. To promote sustainable tourism both by improving the Km0 market and the energy efficiency of businesses and by reducing waste development, thus attracting more and more responsible and conscientious tourists to the country.
  3. Create and strengthen a network of cooperation between local entrepreneurs, hotel owners, museums, local producers, artisans whose work can be complementary (website, marketing, handicrafts, food processing, etc.) giving them the opportunity to get to know each other better both locally and by tourists.
  4. Build a social environment in which adults, youth and migrants can feel integrated to avoid migration of villagers to larger cities.
  5. Promote entrepreneurship in rural areas through integrated digital training and the development of innovative pedagogical tools.
  6. It is necessary to equip participants who have invested or are interested in investing in rural areas with the necessary e-skills, management, financing, distribution and communication skills, thus contributing to the sustainable development of rural areas.

The partnership of this project is composed of ASOCIACIÓN PARA EL DESARROLLO RURAL INTEGRAL DE LAS TIERRAS DE JILOCA Y GALLOCANTA (SP), SBTC DANISMANLIK (Turkey), Gestión Estratégica e Innovación SL (SP), UpYouth – Associação (Portugal), Exeo Lab Srl ( Italy), Dione Youth Organisation (Cyprus), Idea For Life (Poland).


Start date: 01-11-2021

End date: 01-11-2023 

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Campaign to raise awareness of the benefits of protecting Intellectual Property Rights by encouraging the use of legal online sources.

The overall objective of the respect project is to raise awareness of the benefits of protecting Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and the harms caused by IPR infringement by engaging specific audiences, mainly young Europeans and the general public, and encouraging behavioural change by reducing access to digital content from illegal sources.

RESPECT addresses the needs of three main groups:

  • Young people (15-24 years)
  • Stakeholders
  • General public



  1. Provide objective information on Intellectual Property and raise awareness of the harm caused by IPR infringement.
  2. Increase awareness of the value of intellectual property as a tool to protect creativity and innovation.
  3. Provide alternative legal sources for accessing content and help consumers identify legal digital sources.
  4. Engage relevant audiences (especially young consumers) and educate them on the above issues with a specific focus on young consumers aged 15-24.
  5. Encourage behavioural change among target audiences and the reduction of the use of digital content from illegal sources.


The partnership of this project is composed of Sigma Live LTD (Cyprus), HELLENIC COPYRIGHT ORGANIZATION (GREECE), Strategic Management and Innovation (SP).

For more information, click here for our Facebook page.


Acronym: RESPECT

Start date: 01/09/2021

End date: 31/08/2022

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SAFECY Project


Educating safe cycling in European schools

The applicant organisation of the SAFECY project is the Federación Aragonesa de Ciclismo. The Aragonese Cycling Federation is located in the Aragon region of Spain and represents 129 cycling clubs in Aragon. The main objective of this project is to reduce the number of cycling-related accidents that occur every year in the EU by educating young people through creative and innovative approaches on topics such as road safety.


1 – The first objective is to train and educate young Europeans to become safer, more aware and responsible cyclists and future drivers, in order to reduce the number of accidents, sometimes fatal, related to bicycles.

2 – The second objective is to give teachers, trainers and coaches the necessary tools to teach young people to become safe cyclists in a fun and innovative way.

3 – The third objective is to promote and encourage cycling among young people across the EU by creating easily accessible content, in order to create a healthier generation.

The partnership is composed of partners from: Denmark, Spain, Austria, Norway, Austria, Bulgaria and the Republic of Northern Macedonia.

Acronym: SACEFY

Start date: 2021-11-01

End date: 2023-11-01




BEYOND CAPITAL offers advanced training for workers in social enterprises, cooperatives and non-profit organisations

The BEYOND CAPITAL project aims to reduce the risk of failure of social economy start-ups, the economy that works for people. The project supports early-stage social entrepreneurs and managers in developing sound financial planning and provides them with all the elements to create an effective finance function: internal finance, external finance, needs analysis, working capital management, income diversification and financial balance, financial planning and programming.

The project also disseminates in-depth knowledge on financial and banking market instruments that offer responses to the specific needs of social enterprises and non-profit organisations, such as social impact bonds and crowdfunding, for example.

The partnership of this project is composed of the Maltese Italian Chamber of Commerce (applicant organisation), SYNTHESIS (Cyprus), Malta Stock Exchange Institute Ltd (Malta), Gestión Estratégica e Innovación SL (Spain), Exeo Lab Srl (Italy), ECSF UG (Germany) and Cooperation Bancair pour l’Europe (Belgium).


Start date: 01/11/2021

End date: 01/11/2023


WINGS Project


Social and Economic Empowerment of Migrant Women

The aim of this project is:

–    to help migrant women to integrate socially and economically and empower themselves through quality learning opportunities.

–    to provide adult educators with innovative tools to facilitate the empowerment and inclusion of migrant women.

–    to develop migrant women’s transversal skills and competences to support their socio-educational and personal development.

–    to influence policy solutions that focus on migrants, and in particular on migrant women.

Main objective: Innovation

Project Acronym: WINGS

Project Start Date: 2020-11-01

Duration:  24 months

WINGS Newsletter





Deep IN WBL se dedica a algunos de los desafíos actuales en el contexto del aprendizaje basado en el trabajo: el control político y la participación de los interlocutores sociales, el apoyo a las empresas de formación, hacer más atractivas las formas duales de formación, cuestiones de garantía de calidad y la mejora del número de mujeres que participan en formas duales de formación.

Bajo el liderazgo de la Cámara de Comercio de Zaragoza, diversas organizaciones (cámaras de comercio, centros de formación profesional, empresas y administraciones públicas) de 7 países europeos están trabajando juntos en Deep IN WBL: España, Portugal, Grecia, Italia, Austria, Alemania. y Turquía.


Main objective: exchange of good practices

Project Acronym:  WBL

Project Start Date: 2018-11-01

Duration:  24 months


WISED Project 




WISED is a project that focuses on helping women to become entrepreneurs in the social economy, to develop their entrepreneurial ideas through an association or an NGO. Through this project we promote social awareness that can foster social innovation.

The main objective of the partners is to provide access to information and guidance services that women need through entrepreneurship.


SCALE Project


Scaling Up Applied Creativity Labs for Europe

The main objective of this project is to address current local and regional environmental and climate change issues faced by communities across Europe through an innovative methodology known as “Applied Creativity Labs”.

The Commission’s 2016 Communication ‘Investing in European Youth’ stressed the importance of opening up new opportunities for young people, with high quality education playing a key role in their positive development and life chances. High quality education underpins inclusive and resilient societies. Inclusive and resilient societies, promotes personal development and lays the foundations for active citizenship.

However, if European societies are to reap these benefits, high quality education must become a reality for all learners Applied Creativity Labs are a unique teaching and learning methodology that focuses on critical thinking and solution-centred learning, through which inspiration meets organisation; which have been developed by IVE in the UK. The focus is on harnessing imagination and artistic vision to effectively implement innovative ideas. Applied Creativity Workshops (ACL) are designed to give young people the creative behaviour and critical thinking skills which, when applied to real-world challenges, help them to develop innovative solutions to pan-European problems.


ACLs also aim to inspire participants to educate them for potential

pursue future careers and jobs in relevant fields through the interactive involvement of experts in the field, known as role models. The process starts by presenting young people with an overview of what the ‘challenge’ is, e.g. air pollution, sustainable agricultural practices, climate change, etc.

The project aims to disseminate a creative teaching methodology applied across Europe, to get the best out of young people’s minds to generate innovative and unique ideas and produce “out of the box” solutions to current European environmental challenges.


Project Start Date: 01/11/2020

Project End Date: 30/04/2023




Supporting school-educators in use of cultural heritage for inclusive digital education

The integration of digital cultural heritage in compulsory education is more important than ever, as the challenges faced for the educational and cultural sectors due to COVID-19, require a strong reliance on digital teaching and learning. While the national curriculum can differ from country to country within the European Union, the focus on our common European history, cultural heritage and the heritage of migrant and marginalised populations in Europe, is as relevant as ever. Digital cultural heritage is envisaged as a powerful online education vehicle to teach in STEAM subjects. CHERISHED, seeks to set forward the path for a sustainable plan toward such integration.

The CHERISHED project aims to:

– Provide a pedagogical framework and concrete recommendations for adoption by educational ministries across Europe

– Enhance the capacity of secondary school teachers toward integration of digital cultural heritage in their everyday teaching practices across the curriculum.

– Support school educators to safeguard the inclusive nature of digital learning opportunities in and through cultural heritage.

– Promote innovative quality resources and tools for school educators for integration of cultural heritage towards inclusive digital education.

– Provide an impact and evaluation tool for teachers’ self-assessment of their readiness to reuse digital cultural heritage in compulsory education.

– Promote awareness on the importance of cultural heritage readiness for inclusive digital education in Europe.

The intention through the CHERISHED project is to reach over one hundred (100) secondary school students, who will participate in pilot and implementation phases of the designed-based research pursued. Over sixty secondary school teachers and principals will participate in the pilot and implementation phase and the learning activity of the project.


Project Start Date: 01/03/2021

Project End Date: 28/02/2023

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